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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I spent time with Madeleine and Grace two days before we left for five days at Lake Mead and when we returned, they were on vacation with their parents and extended family. They didn't return until three days after us, so ten days had elapsed before I saw them again. Not only did I miss them, but they seemed to have grown and developed while we were apart. Madeleine's communication skills became more honed while Grace had begun the preliminary rocking which precedes crawling. I want to record a couple of things because I don't want them to fade from memory. Sunday, Paul and I were over at Lauren and Tim's. I was feeding Madeleine. She wanted water and I looked around for her cup and didn't see it anywhere, so I pulled a sippy cup from the cupboard. Just as I was handing her the sippy cup, I saw her drinking cup about ten feet away. I said, "oh there's your cup" and pointed to it. She looked at me with a look of sympathy at my lack of finding it before,and replied "oh Naan". Grace is just about to take off crawling. She is such a happy little bouncy girl. Yesterday I went with family and friends to Mission Bay. Lauren finally got to ski behind her boat. I watched Grace most of the day and a lot of that time was spent keeping her from grabbing handfuls of sand and eating them. At the end of the day, Lauren and I along with Madeleine took the boat over to the launch ramp. As we were sitting in the boat waiting for the trailer to arrive, another boat came by creating waves that gently rocked our boat. Madeleine was leaning on me with her head on my shoulder and began to say rock, rock in a sing-song voice. I launched into a version of "Rockabye Baby" making up the words as I sang. It went something like this: "Rockabye baby in the big boat, when the waves come the baby will float. When the waves break the baby will swim, and there will be Madeleine swimming again". When I finished Madeleine stood up and said "that is funny!" then she said "never heard that song before" I replied, "me either". Lauren told her, that was because Nani just made it up off the top of her head. For the next ten minutes, Madeleine requested that I sing it"again" over and over. Each time I finished, she would say "that is funny!" both girls are so sweet and cute. I love them and am so glad to spend time with them.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Once upon a time I started a blog in the hopes of keeping a record of events in my life.  I was told that it shouldn't replace journaling, but in a sense it does, because the capturing of photos and  thoughts of the times can be compiled and printed out for preservation.  Even if no one ever reads my blog, I should resume blogging so that I will have a record of times, events, occasions and how it affects me.  Talking at the river last weekend and recalling things that happened on other river trips brought up how it all runs together in the memory and becomes difficult to distinguish one trip from another.  Hopefully, attempting to blog will help in situations like that.  With that said, I hope to pick up this blog again....wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Madeleine!

One year ago, I was spending the day at Lauren and Tim's helping with the labor and delivery of their first child and my first grandchild. What a wonderful gift I was given! To be present and to see her be born! It was right after she emerged into the world that I heard the name by which she would be known: Madeleine Jael! She was beautiful and pink and wriggly on that day and she has been such a sweet loving little girl from that day forward. Last night I was babysitting. I was in the hall outside her bedroom, crouched down, looking through a laundry basket for jammies. She scooted over to the basket and pulled herself to her feet so we were shoulder to shoulder. I turned and said "Hi", then I said "can you say hi?" She said "hi" (okay it sounded more like ha) but it was a definite response to my request and then she smiled so sweetly. How blessed am I to be her Nani? Thank you Lord for my family, I love them so much! Looking forward to MJ's second year of life and welcoming her younger brother or sister in the fall. Happy Birthday precious granddaughter! LOVE YOU!Photobucket

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tim Tebow


The following is Carolyn McCulley's post from her blog Radical Womanhood:

Often when there is a great deal of media coverage on a specific topic, I don't add my two cents on this blog. Especially in cases like the Haiti earthquake where I have no personal connections and my words are best spent in prayer.

Tebow But I'm going to jump in on the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad controversy. I'm calling this ad campaign a success before it airs--or before most anyone has seen it. The reason is that the hysterical reaction from pro-abortion groups to a purportedly non-provocative ad has revealed the degree to which there is no "choice" in "pro-choice." (To whit: the jaw-dropping "logic" of Erin Matson, the National Organization for Women's new vice president, calling the Tebow spot "hate masquerading as love." What part of a mother's sacrifice and risk exactly is hate?!) That has led people who would normally support abortion rights to express dismay at the reaction to this pro-family ad, as it has been described. CBS may well have changed their position on what they consider an advocacy ad, but they have the right to do so. It's their policy. They can change it. In fact, I believe that due to this public discussion, the ad would be a success if even CBS bowed to the pro-abortion groups' pressure and pulled it before anyone could see it.

Why do I believe this? Because the stridency of the pro-abortion groups is backfiring on the general public. Washington Post sports columnist Sally Jenkins really nailed what's wrong with the critical reaction to this ad in a piece titled, "Super Bowl ad isn't intolerant; its critics are." While saying she is a pro-choice feminist, Jenkins acknowledges that "Tim Tebow is one of the better things to happen to young women in some time." Here are some of her common-sense observations:

I'm pro-choice, and Tebow clearly is not. But based on what I've heard in the past week, I'll take his side against the group-think, elitism and condescension of the "National Organization of Fewer and Fewer Women All The Time." For one thing, Tebow seems smarter than they do.

Tebow's 30-second ad hasn't even run yet, but it already has provoked "The National Organization for Women Who Only Think Like Us" to reveal something important about themselves: They aren't actually "pro-choice" so much as they are pro-abortion. Pam Tebow has a genuine pro-choice story to tell. She got pregnant in 1987, post-Roe v. Wade, and while on a Christian mission in the Philippines, she contracted a tropical ailment. Doctors advised her the pregnancy could be dangerous, but she exercised her freedom of choice and now, 20-some years later, the outcome of that choice is her beauteous Heisman Trophy winner son, a chaste, proselytizing evangelical.

Pam Tebow and her son feel good enough about that choice to want to tell people about it. Only, NOW says they shouldn't be allowed to. Apparently NOW feels this commercial is an inappropriate message for America to see for 30 seconds, but women in bikinis selling beer is the right one. I would like to meet the genius at NOW who made that decision. On second thought, no, I wouldn't. . . .

Here's what we do need a lot more of: Tebows. Collegians who are selfless enough to choose not to spend summers poolside, but travel to impoverished countries to dispense medical care to children, as Tebow has every summer of his career. Athletes who believe in something other than themselves, and are willing to put their backbone where their mouth is. Celebrities who are self-possessed and self-controlled enough to use their wattage to advertise commitment over decadence.

You know what we really need more of? Famous guys who aren't embarrassed to practice sexual restraint, and to say it out loud. If we had more of those, women might have fewer abortions. See, the best way to deal with unwanted pregnancy is to not get the sperm in the egg and the egg implanted to begin with, and that is an issue for men, too -- and they should step up to that.

Finally, after acknowledging that abortion affects the potential lives of future artists, doctors, scientists, inventors and even Heisman Trophy winners, Jenkins concludes with this sane observation:

Tebow's ad, by the way, never mentions abortion; like the player himself, it's apparently soft-spoken. It simply has the theme "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life." This is what NOW has labeled "extraordinarily offensive and demeaning." But if there is any demeaning here, it's coming from NOW, via the suggestion that these aren't real questions, and that we as a Super Bowl audience are too stupid or too disinterested to handle them on game day.

Big ups to CBS for their commitment to this ad. They are smart enough to figure out how to capitalize from all of this media firestorm, of course. But I applaud their stance to support free speech, especially in matters of life and death.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


How can you beat having a Christmas that includes "Baby's 1st"? And of course, Madeleine is so sweet and easy going, it is even more delightful. Due to work and tea schedules, our family Christmas celebration was postponed to Monday the 28th. I'm still evaluating extended holidays and how I want to address them in the future. I was actually pretty tired that day after hosting the 11th annual tea at my home, and when I got dressed and came downstairs my energy was in great need of a boost. Enter my hero: Jared. He inquired of the plan and made himself immediately available to assist in whatever was needed. Together we planned the side dishes and got to work on preparing them. The family assembled at 2:30 to eat and then we exchanged gifts. My All About Madeleine book made for me by Tim. I look at it almost everyday and smile. Auntie Keeg made MJ a cute hair bow and a nice warm afghan. The family altogether minus my older brother Ron's family Gettin' crazy! My sister Pat and I managed to get our new granddaughters together for a photo with Santa. Madz was 6mos. and Sophie 2mos. Looking forward to many more Christmases and watching the families grow!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life's Simple Pleasures

My backyard in the morning is so pleasant. I return from my walk, get my cup of coffee and sit down outside. The coolness of the morning, the soothing of running water and the cheerful singing of birds is very uplifting. We are still harvesting vegetables from our spring planting. It's been great eating fresh zucchini, spaghetti squash, green beans, and cherry tomatoes. We also have green apples growing and washington navel oranges. Lots of beautiful flowers to enjoy in the backyard as well. The cannas are blooming better this year than last year. This Orange Glory is one of my favorite day lilies and of course, our roses continue to produce. Miss Kitty is very happy when I'm in the backyard, she hangs out with me there and enjoys the morning before I must start the "to do" list and she must settle in for her nap. James 1:17 says every good and perfect gift is from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. I'm thankful.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Tuesday, June 2nd was a remarkable day. The much anticipated birth of my granddaughter occurred. Lauren worked extremely hard through almost 24 hours of labor and the reward was a beautiful daughter named Madeleine Jael. Tim was an amazing coach and support to his wife. Madeleine made her appearance at 7:39pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 15 1/2 oz. and was 20 3/4 in. long. Of course she is the most beautiful child I've ever seen! ( along with my own three children who have each held the title of beautiful child at their birth) Lauren is recovering well and breastfeeding is progressing wonderfully. Tim will be home for almost a month to love his wife and bond with his new daughter. What a blessing! I get to snuggle Madeleine, and play with her. I am blessed!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Let Me Sum Up

Haven't spent much time blogging the last 4+ mos. Lots going on though. Just finished my first year as ATD as CBS. We had a great year! It encourages me so much to see women committed to studying the Word of God and allow it to change their hearts. The area-wide leadership conference in San Diego was full of inspiration and God-centered. CBS is an organization that prays and shepherds every member from the board of trustees to the baby in the nursery. Some of us gathered with Camilla Seabolt after the conference for a photo. Camilla is the Executive Director of Community Bible Study (far left in red jacket).On Valentine's Day, Alex and Keegan spent the day at Santa Monica and then to the Getty winding up in the garden at sunset. There, Alex proposed to Keegan and she accepted his proposal. They are planning a January 2011 wedding after both have graduated from college. Jared entered into the Paramedic Program at NCTI in March. He is working hard to keep his grades in the top percentile and will finish the didactic portion in September followed by his clinical and infield training. March also found Sally, Katie and myself taking a road trip to Utah. Our goal was to bring Mom home after she spent 3 mos. at Pat and Larry's home. What a sweet surprise to find that my niece Desiree is expecting. We thought that Avery would be their only child but now he will have a little sister, due in late Sept., early Oct. The Jonas Brothers Concert Movie was playing in the theatre while we were there, so we bought tickets and went to see it. Avery is all ready with his 3D glasses and popcorn. At the end of the movie, he was all tuckered out. There was much fun to be had, playing Wii. Kylie and Katie did "Dancing With the Stars". The morning we left to drive home, it was snowing. We hated to leave because we kind of wanted to enjoy some snow, but the schedules waiting at home demanded our return. April brought an engagement party for Keegan and Alex. It was that day that Keegan asked Lauren to be her matron of honor. A couple days later, Lori gave a very nice baby shower for Lauren at my house. Such an enjoyable time with family and friends....we are blessed! On May 1st Paul and I flew to Kauai with the Hermans for a fun and relaxing week. The Grittens timed their trip to coincide with ours and we spent some great hours with them as well. All my friends and family were praying that grandgirl would not make her appearance during this week. (More about Hawaii in another post) After returning from Hawaii, we drove up to Apple Valley with Tim and Lauren to look at a boat they'd found for sale. The boat was in very good condition and a great price so, they bought it! We went to Lake Elsinore to see how it would perform in the water. It runs great! May 16th, Sally hosted a baby shower for Tim and Lauren. It was a beautiful day in the park and lots of fun with family and friends. Sally and I experimented with fondant for the first time. Here is our pregnant lady... Lauren is holding the cute sweater that my Mom painstakingly crocheted for the baby. I also got to meet my new grand niece born on March 31st to April Valencia and Jason Rollins. Isn't she precious? So in addition to the celebrations of birthdays (Jared, Paul, Tim, Katie) and the usual holidays, that's what has been going on. Just in a holding pattern right now, working on the nursery layette and waiting for Baby Bergon to make her entrance.